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For Parents / Students

The single aspiration of a parent for their child is to be “successful.” The success is defined by the growth in their job and career.

Skillioma is committed to bringing success for a child in an affordable, easy to use platform.

Just by spending 30 min/day, your child will learn all the employability skills.

Skillioma features

Financial Literacy
VAC (Visual Auditory & Cognitive) Learning
ELP ( English Language Proficiency )
General Awareness

A few facts that will help you make a decision

The National Education Policy or New Education Policy of 2020 is aimed at life skills and holistic education. So, schools are moving to this framework almost immediately.

The future is going to be skill based and not marks or ranks. 93% of employers look for Cognitive, Communication and Problem solving skills.

Academic learning is important but it has to be coupled with skill based learning for the success of a child.

There is a 47% gap in Education and Employment in India.

Get instant access to annual certificate plan (content based learning, 4 online workshops, study plans, personal mentor and many more) @ Rs.17,200/- Rs.5999/-

How do we make this possible to help your child learn all these skills in one single platform?

Our unique framework is pre-made for you, it will automatically train your child brain to think cognitively and learn all the skills by just spending a few minutes a day regularly.

  • Online workshops on Communication Skills, Career & Job Skills, Money Skills.
  • Blended model(Live and Independent Learning)
  • Study plans
  • Personal Mentor that answers questions anytime.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Assessment tests and results
  • Affordable pricing

Why do you have to learn with us?

You must have seen quite a number of workshops that are conducted on communication skills, life skills etc. that promise to teach these skills. But just think of the way it is taught? 

There will be a few activities and a combination of presentation, Q&A sessions.That will be one or two hours. What can a student grasp in a couple of hours without laying the foundation to a particular skill? For example, to learn communication skills, reading regularly is a requirement. Without which the foundation is lost. Likewise to learn job skills you first need to know what is required, writing a business email, interviewing skills, resume building with practical exercises after the foundation is being laid. The foundational aspect to learning is our independent personalised content based learning system exclusively built to instil the skills for the future of work. 

With purely short workshop based learning, you will get a certificate in the end but that is all you get. You don’t get the skill you wanted from this workshop, and learning is not an event, it is a process. Then only you will see the results.

So, with Skillioma you will start with the foundational basics with our handcrafted unique framework that develops holistic thinking of the child. And then with our guided study plans and live workshops you practically do the exercises needed so the experiential learning is possible end to end.

Just learning a skill isn't useful.

Skillioma's integrated framework of English Language Proficiency (ELP) along with 21st century skills builds a strong future for you.

How can you be so affordable?

We are here to help every student learn the right skills and not deprive them of the basic rights just because of financial limitations. That is why we do everything possible under the sky to cut our company costs and take an agile, lean model which is why we are able to do it at a low pricing. For something of great quality, you will notice that the courses are done from 60,000 to 1Lakh rupees, but we do it for just 5999/-

Each workshop will cost at a minimum of 999/-. For four workshops, the cost is 4000/- and with 599/- per month subscription plan, the cost to content based learning is 7200/- per year. For personal mentor 500/- per month, the cost is 6000/-. The total cost is going to be 17,200/- but we are making it even affordable by just doing it for 5999/-

What do you promise to a student or parent?

We promise the results. We promise your happiness and satisfaction. You will earn more, grow in your career faster and become a better individual.

This framework is first in India developed by renowned professionals in the area from the USA.

Who can sign up? What are the age groups?

The minimum age is 11 years for any plan. And there is no maximum age. Even the working professionals can sign up to learn relevant 21st century skills that will help them grow in their jobs.

Are you still questioning? Why do we have to learn these skills? What is the value for my child or me?

Then, watch our youtube videos below to further help with the decision or subscribe to our channel or write to us at contact@skillioma.com

To know other benefits of Skillioma

Other benefits of using Skillioma

We have created a unique Skills Beyond School – English Language Proficiency (SBS-ELP) framework so passionately just for you!! 

Prepares you for the Global World through our diverse knowledge areas and life skills.

We do the homework for you. We handpick titles that are core skills and break down complex topics into easily understandable content and visuals (images), so the cognitive capacities are increased.

Our dictionary feature, power words and puzzle game will improve your vocabulary. Our  Read aloud audio feature will expose you to a new set of words and pronunciation in English.

Our Quizzes at the end of each article will enhance the comprehension skills.

Our platform is useful for school/college research, writing assignments. The wide range of subject knowledge and the citations that can be generated from our site will be useful for the writing assignments.

Our platform considerably reduces the time needed to be spent on research work for any projects.

Our Money and Entrepreneurship section will help you turn your passion into a meaningful venture.

Our General Knowledge section helps in cracking competitive exams while also being able to learn English communication, reading and writing skills.

Our platform helps in the preparation of ACT/SAT exams in the Reading/Writing assessment category. And our vocabulary will help for post graduate program admissions like TOEFL assessment.

IELTS, UPSC, IIM’s, Top MBA colleges, IIFT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, NMAT require English Proficiency tests and have at least 70% of weightage in the entrance tests. Our English Proficiency Framework will help excel in these exams.

Undergraduate entrance tests like  DU JAT, IPM AT, NPAT, SET  for BBA, BMS have test sections on both General Awareness and English Language Proficiency (ELP). Skillioma’s General Knowledge encased in the ELP framework will help you crack the entrance tests.

Our platform helps users in improving their career growth trajectory as it boosts the brain power, leadership and communication skills.

We can assure that you will gain considerable knowledge and skills with just 30 minutes a day of reading on our platform.

For students who opted for Humanities and Commerce streams (English Language Literacy, Business Studies, Economics, Enterprise, Global Perspectives, Leadership etc.) this will be a significant academic boost for them.

For students in Science streams that could not take advantage of some of these courses, this will serve as a great resource to create a successful career.

Check out all the benefits and features of Skillioma in one go below

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Top FAQ's

Why do you have to learn with us?

In simple words, we are unique and first in India as we are passionate about bringing the right, relevant education outside of academics.

We are all about bringing the best in you. This is only possible with our unique blended, multi disciplinary framework.No College or School curriculum ever has this exclusive framework which teaches life skills including communication skills.

Let’s look at it through a few examples:

  • You want to either get a job or grow in a job. You are lacking a skill or set of skills. You will join a workshop. The workshop is short, teaches you a few things in a couple of hours and it will provide a certificate. But, it does not provide you with the right tools and skills necessary for cracking the interview or helping with your career growth. This is overcome by Skillioma’s blended framework that offers content based learning, study plans, online workshops, assessment tests, personal mentor and many more in an organized way. To learn more, click here: annual certificate plan
  • If you learn a skill through a workshop, you will only learn that skill in a short period but it does not teach you communication skills. And just learning a skill alone does not help you crack an interview, grow in your career or get a college admission. With Skillioma’s unique framework each skill is wrapped in English language skill learning which lays a strong foundation for your bright future.

What is the difference between certificate plans and Monthly plans

Certificate plan consists of a fully integrated learning process which includes content based learning, study plans, online workshops, personal mentor and a completion certificate.

Monthly plans are purely content based learning which is independent learning. The user can learn from any of our 400+ articles related to career skills, leadership skills, marketing and business skills,entrepreneurship skills. The user will also be having access to 2000+ vocabulary words and 900+ quiz questions.

What do I get in the 12 month certificate plan

You will get access to all the content from all skills, online workshops on Communication Skills, Career and Job Skills, Money/Financial Skills. You will be assigned a personal mentor and given a study plan. You will be given a certificate of completion. To understand full details click here.

Can I upgrade from Monthly plan to a 3 month crash course certificate plan?

Yes, you can. If you first sign up for a monthly plan and want to upgrade, write to us at contact@skillioma.com. One of our team members will help you over the call.

For more FAQ’s, click here

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