How are we unique from other programs?

  • Our framework is first in the world that aims to provide holistic skill based learning in an interdisciplinary way. The goal is to reduce the gap between education and employment.
  • Different modes of learning- reading based learning and video based learning. Skillioma recommends reading based learning as it instills focus and stronger understanding of the concepts.
  • Builds college profile for admission into US, UK colleges for high school & undergrad students.
  • Critical thinking challenge assignments will propel your practical thinking and put you on the top in your career ladder.
  • All assignments are reviewed, graded and guided by our team of mentors.
  • Complex subjects simplified for easy understanding with the use of infographics.
  • Comprehensive lessons for each skill area.
  • Plenty of real time examples provided in every lesson for practical understanding
  • Rewards, leaderboard, credits, achievements motivate the students to achieve more as it creates healthy competition
  • The ‘Question and Answers’ section on each course will help the student ask any question to the instructor anytime.
  • Completion certificate is provided at the end of the course.

Who are we?

We are a dedicated, committed team that has a single aspiration in life. To make relevant education affordable and accessible. To bring success to every individual in their career and life.

Deepa Thatikonda
Founder & CEO

Prior to finding Skillioma, Deepa has done her Master’s education from the US and has held leadership roles working for fortune 100 companies. Her passion towards doing something purposeful led her to conceive the idea of Skillioma. She believes that through right education, the children can conquer the world.

Visiting Card_Deepa

Harish Thatikonda

Harish comes with more than two decades of corporate experience in the US. He led technical teams on diverse large scale projects and believes in bringing change through Education.

Mohana Vamsi

Executive Secretary @ TRSMA ( Telangana Recognised Schools Management Association ).

Founder Director @ Racing Ahead Technologies Pvt Ltd & Racing Ahead Sports Management LLP.

Mohana Vamsi is an enterprising professional with over 3 decades of Corporate working experience. 12+ Yrs in Education Management & Services, 18 Yrs in IT & Embedded Systems.

Visiting Card_Mohana
Because of the rise in online learning programs, it has become increasingly difficult for students, freshers and working professionals to choose the best program or course. But if you pause and think for a moment, how many of those programs bring you results?

All the courses that are available don’t help you expand your brain power or cognitive thinking skills. They are passive, which means you just watch the videos for a certain amount of time, mark the lesson as complete and forget about the content in a few days. You are not able to put the knowledge in practice because it does not develop critical thinking in you.

Learning essentially is critical thinking development which in turn will help you put the practical approach to the knowledge you gain during the course.

Skillioma aims at bringing you the results. The results that you aspire for before you sign up for any course. The aspirations of students are to get a good college admission (foreign colleges too), good internship, cracking the first interview, getting a job right after college, a promotion into a leadership role and of course performing well in any role they take.

Skillioma’s courses are designed to bring that to you. Our critical thinking challenges are reviewed by experts and they are graded which include feedback on weak vs strong areas. We ardently focus on bringing results for your success.

Our differentiating factors are plenty, but the prominent ones are
  • Critical thinking challenge assignments that are reviewed and feedback is provided.
  • Interdisciplinary learning framework.
  • Multiple senses learning.