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Traditional learning and Real world

Subjects and Skills we offer

Skill subject learning by students

Skill subject learning by studentsis the need of the hour,is the requirement of the parents, is the dream of the schools,is the only GOAL of Skillioma


ICT / Computers

(Grades 5-12)


Financial Literacy

(Grades 6-12)



(Grades 1-12)


Artificial Intelligence

(Grades 6-12)


Business Studies

(Grades 6-12)


Marketing Skills

(Grades 6-12)


Leadership Skills

(Grades 6-12)


Communication Skills

(Grades 6-12)


Entrepreneurship Skills

(Grades 6-12)

All Skills Programs

(Grades 6-12)

(Critical, Cognitive, Creative thinking and Memory) METRICS

Here is what Skillioma can do for you

All programs come with USA based blockchain certificate for the students.

We provide powerful content fully aligned to NEP 2020 vision. Our content comes with real-world examples, images, vocabulary, worksheets, and a teacher’s guide for easy teaching in classrooms.

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Our Print & Digital option comes with all of the print content PLUS audio lessons, text based lessons, video lessons, infographics, gamified quizzes, puzzles, assignments, worksheets. We provide powerful content fully aligned to NEP 2020 vision.


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We offer two programs under Digital Implementations. One is mapped to CBSE vocational skills courses/subjects based on NEP and the other is our flagship program aligned to holistic learning (all skills in one program). Fully plug and play implementation. Tracking reports, assignments review are all taken care of by Skillioma’s domain experts.


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We offer college profile building courses for students that aspire to study abroad in the USA, Canada, or other foreign countries. Upon completion of these programs and earning a USA certificate, the students will be able to get credits and earn an admission into their dream college.


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Why choose us?

Founding Team

Deepa Thatikonda
Founder & CEO

Prior to finding Skillioma, Deepa has done her Master’s education from the US and has held leadership roles working for fortune 100 companies. Her passion towards doing something purposeful led her to conceive the idea of Skillioma. She believes that through right education, the youngsters can conquer the world.

Harish Thatikonda

Harish comes with more than two decades of corporate experience in the US. He led technical teams on diverse large scale projects and believes in bringing change through Education.


Abhinav Kotta 12th Grade, Manthan International School, Hyderabad

One reason why I love Skillioma is that the articles are easily comprehensible. I call it like a wikipedia for youngsters. While I was reading an article about loans, I could understand every word for two reasons: the language was simple and there were vocabulary words that gave definitions right in the text and were heavily diversified. The great thing is, I can fill my knowledge gap with so much information on this website alone. I think this will be a great tool for many students. This is like an all in one platform and has business, financial skills not found anywhere else. Also, it has customized content by grade level. It can keep students up to date with current affairs and can increase their knowledge about different subjects. Go Skillioma!

Aritra Mookherjee 10th Grade, St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata

I really liked the way Skillioma presented their goal in the student friendly way and their website was really easy to go about for parents and students, who want to explore these methods of learning. The titles are picked such that it is only useful content and is safe for students and keep them focused. Even though it is starting, it has set about a strong foundation to grow further. Spending only a short period of time a week on Skillioma will enlighten a student on many aspects like current global situations and problems and one of the most standout features was that they were willing to take the time to conduct one on one sessions with students to guide them personally and help them grow. This really goes to show that they are going to be worth the money and time spent.

Anya Ghosh 10th Grade, Loreto House, Kolkata

The design of the website is really good. The website says that spending only 30 minutes of day can improve your knowledge and skills. When I saw the content, I immediately felt that this is true because of the diverse knowledge. One other thing I liked is that all the articles are written in a simplified manner even for complex subjects like investments, Banking, Financial knowledge, Marketing, Entrepreneurship. I like reading because of my early studies in the UK and so the vocabulary words, puzzle games are very fun to engage with. The navigation on the website is easy and I like the 'personal mentor' option very much.

Suhaas Godavarthy 12th Grade, Manthan International School, Hyderabad

Skillioma is where I go to keep myself updated in this forever dynamic, exciting 21st century world. I like the way that the topics are chosen in a structured and engaging way that only builds knowledge and keeps me focused on reading new articles all the time. Since I am pursuing education in the USA, I like the guidance they give on building college resumes, basic information about SAT/ACT exams and other entrance tests. I am already learning things ahead of my peers with Skillioma.

Vandana Munjal Teacher, Grades 10-12, CBSE, Delhi

The concept of Skillioma looks great. Content is simple and easy to understand. It will be very helpful for people who like reading and upgrading their knowledge. Even parents can learn along with their kids. The look, presentation and feel of the site is very positive along with the listen to article feature. Kids usually know bookish and theoretical knowledge and don't know what to do with it. I feel Skillioma kind of content lessens the gap between theory, practical and what to do with the knowledge gained. The best is that Skillioma also gives a framework on 'what to learn' and not just 'how to learn.' This will also develop reading habits in students.

    Top FAQ's

    Our teachers are already implementing critical thinking & skills in our school. What difference do your programs bring?

    We are happy to hear that. Skillioma is ‘beyond school subjects’ which means whatever you are covering as critical thinking or interdisciplinary aspects would not be touched by Skillioma. We are only focused on real world aspects, and we ensure each student at their grade/class level is fully versed with the real world skills so they are able to practically apply the learnings in their higher studies, internships and jobs and elsewhere in life.

    Is your content integrated with our core subject’s(English, Mathematics, Sciences or Social Studies) syllabus?

    There is definitely an overlap with core subjects knowledge or topics covered at school but we don’t necessarily focus on mapping our content to the core subjects at your school(all boards).
    However, we integrate all real world aspects into any skill. For example, if you have enrolled your school students in a financial literacy skill subject, you would see full integration with marketing, business, economics, banking, domain knowledge, current affairs wherever necessary based on the topic. The goal of Skillioma is to empower the kids of today with the tools necessary for them to excel in the real world and focus on things that are not otherwise covered as part of school syllabus.

    Our teachers don’t have time. How can we still implement your programs?

    Our goal is to save time for the school and teachers and not ask to spend extra time to implement Skillioma’s programs. Skillioma’s in-house team will take care of seamless implementation, creating logins, grading assignments, answering questions from the school and the students, and sending tracking reports. The only ask from Skillioma from school is to assign a teacher monitor who will just encourage any students that are unable to submit assignments in time.

    Does your content align to CBSE skill based subjects?

    Yes, our content is fully aligned to CBSE skill based subject’s content based on the grade level. Our content is for the student’s learning process rather than text book based teaching content. The student is fully engaged in the content and the process of self learning which teaches them to be independent, confident, smart and successful. The school does not have to hire any teachers to do the actual teaching of the skill based subjects and this can save time and cost.

    Does your concept align to NEP policy?

    Skillioma is all about bridging the gap between education and employment. In this global world, our next generation kids need to be abreast with 21st century skills that help them navigate through the real world challenges. NEP aims at incorporating the essential skills into curriculum and make the learning more practical and interdisciplinary. Skillioma totally aligns their thinking and vision to NEP’s vision.

    Our students are very busy with their academics, how can they learn more from your programs?

    Yes, we do agree that students of today are very busy and burdened with the school’s syllabus. However, that alone isn’t doing every good necessary for them to embark on the success journey. They need to be compensated, supplemented with the right, relevant tools and knowledge so it completes their learning process.

    That is why Skillioma’s programs are equally important from a value perspective. Here are some options below

    1. Schools can simply use their extra curricular periods to support students’ learning time or they can assign it as homework for a subject, giving them extra marks to encourage them to learn the right way.
    2. Students if they opt for the skill based subject as an elective, then they can learn the entire subject that is part of their academics in less time and with the right knowledge and skills.
    3. Students can just spend 30 minutes a day and still be able to complete all their lessons.
    4. The programs are structured in such a way that the students will only need 3-4 hours a week and still be able to learn everything about that skill or the 21st century skills.

    How is your content unique?

    • Originally written by experts in the domain area.
    • Every single piece of content is personalised for grade level.
    • Every single content is written for student’s easy understanding.
    • Every single content piece is filled with real world examples.
    • All content is internally linked, which means it is interdisciplinary.
    • General awareness overlaps into all skill based learning.
    • All content is created to build reading and language fluency.
    • Every single piece of content has quiz questions in the end.
    • Every single piece of content has one critical thinking challenge.
    • All content is enabled for multiple senses learning(Audio, Infographics, Videos)
    • All assignments are built to enhance reading, writing, and thinking skills.

    Which classes are your programs created for?

    Grades 6-12(Classes 3-5 can be accommodated based on individual discussions)

    CBSE provides textbook content for skill based subjects. How does the school benefit additionally from your programs or content?

    CBSE does provide textbooks for most skill based subjects, however that is written for a teacher to teach instead of a student to learn. And the school should have to hire teachers.

    Skillioma’s content is fully unique and completely real world geared. Skillioma offers several other features like mentorship, independent learning skills, all 21st century skills in one platform, builds general awareness and a lot of interdisciplinary bonus content that CBSE text books don’t cover and that are necessary for the real world.

    We are interested in implementing Skillioma’s programs in our school. How do we contact you?

    We are glad that you are interested. Please fill the contact form by clicking the link here. One of our support staff will call you.

    Does Skillioma help our kids in academics?

    As some of our topics will match to some academic subjects, there definitely is going to be a boost for every child in academics too. Our general knowledge section will also help a great deal in most competitive exams. Further, Skillioma can be a powerful asset for children who are opting for the Math and Science stream in school. With Skillioma, these children can still learn vital 21st century skills which are not part of their subject group.

    Why does my child need to learn these skills? Doesn’t he/she get enough from school and the internet?

    Yes, in the present-day scenario there is information everywhere for our children. But are they able to learn what they want on the topics related to general knowledge, science or sports by distilling the information at their own discretion? And are parents feeling safe for their children to search about anything on the internet at any time? Moreover, the employability of our children is very less (despite their academic strength) once they graduate from college as they are lacking necessary life skills that are not taught in schools. Skillioma is our sincere effort to assist our children so they become independent.

    How do our children get time to use this platform amidst busy school and tuition schedules?

    Skillioma isn’t aimed at creating additional stress or rote memorisation. No matter how good our kids are in their academic grades, they need the skills to be successful in colleges or internships or jobs. We at Skillioma are a team of experts in the domain areas who handpick exactly those topics that are required to learn for the child’s success. We make them think, we make them have healthy competition, we create enthusiasm and above all these are must-have skills for the young generation. Most importantly, they don’t have to spend too much time, an average of 2-3 hours a week is sufficient to build the core strengths in the essential real world skills.

    What is or STEM Educational Research (SER) SER is the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. SER has served over 4,500 schools, districts, and organizations in over 25 countries, such as Wayne State University, Malaysian Institute of Technology Academy, Artificial Intelligence Scientific Centre (Caribbean), Tioga Drone Camp, Estella’s Brilliant Bus, and Dearborn Public Schools. SER’s trustmark ( AccreditedTM) is the most popular and has been used extensively for the highest recognition it offers to the students.

    SER has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Reuters, CNBC, The Boston Globe, NYMetro Parents and Detroit Public Television. It was recently selected by the NewYork Times, out of over 80 organizations, to commission the first multi-page STEM advertorial (to define STEM education) in the newspaper’s 166 year history.

    What does it mean to earn accreditation and trustmarks for Skillioma?

    Earning the accredited and reviewed trustmarks mean that the programs/courses given by Skillioma are thoroughly vetted for the accuracy, comprehensiveness, authenticity, reliability, quality, curriculum, framework, content for the 21st century skill learning. This endorsement also means that the founders are credible and are on a mission to serve the education space in a purposeful manner.

    How does earning a blockchain certificate build a college profile for my highschool students to get admission in good colleges?

    All the good colleges’ foreign college admission application process has the sections : Resume / CV and Extra curricular activities. Under these two categories, having a blockchain certificate will enhance your chances of getting admission into a good college. (For example, if two students get the same SAT scores, then preference will be given to those that have enhanced their skills under extra curricular activities or some colleges prefer these skills for higher SAT scores or academic scores).

    How can my students earn the blockchain certificate?

    At the end of every lesson in any course you take with us, you will have critical thinking challenge assignments that need to be submitted to Skillioma for review, grading and feedback. The completion certificate has to be earned and for that you have to attempt at least 90% of the assignments and secure a 70% score, after which you will be awarded the blockchain certificate for Skillioma’s courses that you take. You will be awarded a STEM ID, which cannot be tampered and can be accessed by any organisation by just entering the ID into the credentialing verification system. This will add huge value to your success in job and career or higher education.