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World Oceans Day

June 8, 2020

World Oceans Day is observed annually on 8 June. Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) proposed the idea of a special day for oceans at the Earth Summit held in Brazil in 1992. Eventually, the proposal was accepted in 2008, and the United Nations designated 8 June as “World Oceans Day”. The theme of “World Oceans Day” 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”.

The United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea is coordinating various activities on World Oceans Day by raising awareness about the importance of oceans and the role of the United Nations.

“World Ocean Network” sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) is instrumental in building support for ocean awareness events on 8 June.

World Oceans Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of how oceans play a significant role in a human’s life and our responsibility to protect the oceans.

Did you know?

  • Over three billion people across the world depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their subsistence.
  • Oceans consume about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, reducing the repercussions of global warming.
  • Oceans contain nearly 200,000 classified species, but actual numbers may prevail in the millions.
  • Oceans deliver 70% of oxygen.