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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 17, 2020

It was proclaimed on 17th June by the United Nations Assembly in 1994 to promote awareness about the presence of desertification and highlighting the methods to prevent them. Each year, it is celebrated worldwide on this day with a  unique and novel emphasis on Desertification and Drought issues. 

United Nations Convention

The United Nations Convention was also adopted on 17th June 1994 in Paris and entered into force in December 1996. On the same day, the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) was incepted too. The states were invited in the convention to devote the World Day to promote the requirement for international cooperation in the countries experiencing drought and desertification. The UNCCD is based on the principles of partnership, participation and decentralization. 

The action plan of the convention

Desertification occurs when previously fertile land becomes desert due to deforestation, drought or improper agricultural activities.

The 196 countries in the convention try to improve living conditions for people by restoring and maintaining soil fertility. They also encourage the local people to fight land degradation by planting trees and try to educate the public about effective methods to fight desertification. The 2010-2020 decade has been declared as the United Nations Decade and fight against desertification.

Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation Convention

The 2030 agenda declares that we must be determined to protect the planet from degradation.  Take care of sustainable consumption, production, managing the resources and formulate a strong action plan towards climate change.

The theme  for 2020

This year desertification and drought day will focus on the links between consumption and land. It is running under the slogan “Food, Feed and Fibre” intending to educate individuals on how to introduce their personal impact.