What value does the STEM.org blockchain certificate bring to you?

STEM.org certificates are issued by the popular US-based credentialing organization, STEM.org in the blockchain. This means that the certificates are of high value, credible and recognised in more than 80 countries world-wide.

For Students, a STEM.org course completion certificate will build your college profile (under extracurricular category and Resume / CV boost) for foreign or highly reputed colleges. This means that even if you don’t get a very high score in SAT/ACT entrance tests, this will add high value to the selection process for admission into a good college. There is also a high possibility to earn college credits with this certificate.

For Graduates/Post Graduates, a STEM.org course completion certificate will enhance your Resume / CV and put you ahead of your peers. This will add huge value and credibility to your skills and what you can offer to the employers. You will be able to earn a job / internship quickly and move up in the career ladder faster and also will help you land with international clients and earn a handsome salary.

For Working Professionals, a STEM.org course completion certificate will add a high trust and credibility to your Resume / CV. When you are already working, you would like to enhance your career / position to move up by upskilling. Skillioma’s content / courses help you in a big way and adding the blockchain completion certificate will expand your presence and aid you in your career growth. As we offer entreprepreneurship courses too and we have a unique framework that helps in real-world situations, your journey will be rewarding for both job seeking and job creation. And growth in terms of salary and position will be boosted tremendously.