Our students are very busy with their academics, how can they learn more from your programs?

Yes, we do agree that students of today are very busy and burdened with the school’s syllabus. However, that alone isn’t doing every good necessary for them to embark on the success journey. They need to be compensated, supplemented with the right, relevant tools and knowledge so it completes their learning process.

That is why Skillioma’s programs are equally important from a value perspective. Here are some options below

  1. Schools can simply use their extra curricular periods to support students’ learning time or they can assign it as homework for a subject, giving them extra marks to encourage them to learn the right way.
  2. Students if they opt for the skill based subject as an elective, then they can learn the entire subject that is part of their academics in less time and with the right knowledge and skills.
  3. Students can just spend 30 minutes a day and still be able to complete all their lessons.
  4. The programs are structured in such a way that the students will only need 3-4 hours a week and still be able to learn everything about that skill or the 21st century skills.