Is Skilloma in sync with the academic course syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB etc)? Should my child study “entrepreneur skills” in school as well?

Our uniquely created framework maps more into the future skills that a child needs once he/she passes out of high school and when the child actually enters the real world. However, a few of the course subjects from across boards do match in terms of topics. For example, we have content for young entrepreneurs on practical advice on how to start an enterprise. Likewise, you will have syllabus that has topic on “what is an enterprise,” from your Entrepreneurship subject at school. This is an example of when and how we might overlap with school syllabus. Subjects in high school such as Business Studies, Enterprise, Global Perspectives and Economics, may have some synching with our content. But, please remember; the way we craft the content and explain is through examples, images, comparison charts, internal linking and not in presented in a text book style. 

Yes, if your child is opting for a subject Entrepreneurship as a course in school, he/she should continue. In any case, regardless if anyone is taking any of the subjects listed above or not, our content has tremendous value for all the students.