I am running a school or I am a school principal. How does the school benefit from Skillioma’s courses?

We offer two main types of integrated learning methods for schools
1- Holistic learning (you get all 6 skills).
2- Individual skill mapped to the stream (CBSE / IGCSE / IB / State boards).

There are a plethora of benefits for the school and the students in both types of integrated learning methods:

    • The school can upgrade their current curriculum and be aligned to the NEP’s vision on holistic learning.
    • Schools can offer a skill subject as a co-curricular or extra curricular subject without the need for an expert teacher.
    • Skillioma is a plug and play solution for schools that builds ROI as the skill subjects are in high demand.
    • Schools can save teacher’s time and money.
    • Students will become all rounded, smart, independent learners, thinkers.
    • Students can learn English language communication alongside skill courses.
    • Students will gain general knowledge on relevant topics around the world.
    • Students will boost their personality as they will gain all intangible skills (Cognitive, Critical, Creative thinking, Problem Solving skills).
    • Students in high school can apply for international college admissions (US, UK, Canada, Australia etc.) by earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate at the completion of the course. This will add tremendous value to the college admission process.