I am in my third year of undergraduate program in India. How can Skillioma help me choose a major and destination for my master’s or graduate program abroad?

Skillioma has psychometric tests and personalised counselling sessions available that will be able to understand the student’s passion clearly and then map it to the career options for the popular destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Our expert counsellors know every country and prospect of studying and working there thoroughly and so are able to guide the student clearly so they are not losing on their interest to pursue a certain career. Our counsellors also are experts in understanding the job market in the AI-era. And when the student has decided on the major and destination, Skillioma has services that will help in IELTS coaching and practice tests, virtual internships, skill building(stem.org (USA) certificates), essay writing or SOP’s, selection of colleges and branches, and visa, travel, loan assistance.