I am a student, how does Skillioma’s reading program help me?

Only 25% of students in India read today and it’s dying. The habit of reading is essential for your overall development and success in your higher education. The future of work is going to be entirely dependent on your independent learning skills, research skills, out of the box thinking, critical thinking and reading will boost all of these skills for you. The sooner you start reading, the better it is for your holistic development. Moreover, Skillioma’s content is meticulously created for you and personalized by age level, so you can grasp the content easily and it is engaging for you.

You will be ahead of your peers, you will develop language, vocabulary skills, and the 21st century skills in one go. General knowledge section has current affairs, science, tech, sports news written for you to build perspectives, knowledge, interdisciplinary learning which means you can easily appear and score better in competitive exams. You will be prepared for all competitive exams(SAT, ACT, IIM, etc), both nationally and internationally as reading is a section for all these exams. Rote memorisation kills your creativity, so building all the essential life skills is important for your career growth. Skillioma helps you build those skills and helps you move away from rote memorisation.

You will start loving to read more!!