I am a graduate, how does Skillioma’s reading program help me?

In college learning, you will be focusing only on academic learning. But when you enter the corporate world, you will need more holistic knowledge and skills so you are able to crack the interview and do well in your jobs.

Skillioma’s reading program helps each individual in learning the language, becoming adept at it along with learning all kinds of 21st century skills. Our general knowledge section has the current affairs, sports, tech news covered in the most unbiased way and is written in terms of building a knowledge base for you. Skillioma’s reading program is a doorway to bringing career success as it enables you to think outside the box, become a critical thinker and these are the skills all employers look for. You will be able to work for international clients, work as a freelancer on your own terms and be able to make higher pay.

Reading will enable you to empower yourself with a powerhouse of knowledge that in turn boosts your confidence and success. All popular successful people are readers: Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Jeff Bezos, etc. Moreover Skillioma’s reading program isn’t fiction reading, it is skill based learning through reading wherein you spend 20% of your time and will reap 80% of benefits, regardless of your college stream/group.