How does earning a blockchain certificate benefit my job / career / education?

For students: All the good colleges’ foreign college admission application process has the sections : Resume / CV and Extra curricular activities. Under these two categories, having a blockchain certificate will enhance your chances of getting admission into a good college. (For example, if two students get the same SAT scores, then preference will be given to those that have enhanced their skills under extra curricular activities or some colleges prefer these skills for higher SAT scores or academic scores).

For college graduates or college students: In these times and age you are bound to go outside of your college academics to get a good job or internship or grow in your career. This is almost a MUST regardless of the career you choose. (You are probably majoring in chemical engineering, yet you need to have good communication and leadership skills and basic technology skills from a real world perspective). So, getting conceptual understanding and earning a highly recognised blockchain certificate will put you at the top of the list to crack an interview, enhance your resume and help you get a job quickly and easily. Moreover, you will be attracted by international clients if you demonstrate good skills during interviews.

For working professionals: Simply put, since you are already working, the first reason you would like to enroll in any course is to enhance your skills and position in the corporate world. Skillioma’s courses and blockchain certificate will help you do exactly that. The certificate will add value to attract international clients for freelancing jobs and also enhances your resume greatly.