Are there levels in Money and Entrepreneurship section? What if it is too complex for my child?

Yes, there are two levels in the Money and Entrepreneurship section- one is basic and the other is advanced. In our website, the basic level is slated under Grades 6-7+ and the advanced level is slated under Grades 9-12+.

If a subject is complex in its nature, we will simplify it and put it under grades 6-7+. However, this is only a recommendation; if a person who is above this grade level does not know anything about the subject at hand, they can search on the grade level 6-7+ and learn the basics before moving on. The intention for the levels in this category is to help build knowledge for a child at any level.

Please note that for the launch we are trying to build the foundation on the concepts that we feel are necessary for a child in the real world. Be assured that this is just a start and we will be giving you a lot of actionable steps and case studies that will be connecting subjects like Enterprise, Business Studies, Economics and Marketing in the near future.

We appreciate any suggestions on new concepts you would like to know or any tips on improving the presentation style. Please write to us at