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Top FAQ’s

Why should I buy the course from you while there are so many other programs?

When you buy a course from any other platform, you will just get a bunch of information packaged. Whether it is Udemy on-demand courses or other individual courses. You watch a bunch of videos and get a completion certificate, but beyond that, there isn’t a proper understanding of concepts and real time practical application to it. That is why Skillioma has interdisciplinary learning which means if you take an entrepreneurship program with us, you will also learn basic finance, marketing and leadership skills. And most of all, every course has at least 25 critical thinking challenges which are reviewed, graded and the student is guided on weak areas. This will enable the learner to think critically and apply this knowledge to grow in their careers and build success. Multiple senses learning is another unique feature of Skillioma’s courses. The user can learn through reading and visuals or through videos. 

I am a working professional. How do Skillioma’s certificate courses help me?

In today’s world and age, the new norm is “Work From Anywhere.” This is only possible if you have the right skill set that the international clients are looking for. If you are tech savvy, you still need leadership skills and communication skills. And if you have the perfect combination of skills; then you are bound to grow in your pay/salary and career trajectory.

Skillioma’s framework is designed to reap maximum benefits in less time. And since Skillioma’s content is all about relevance in today’s perspective, building English language proficiency, and real-world learning with examples; you will be able to upskill and reach the top of your career ladder fast.

Earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate from a US based accreditation organisation at the completion of the course will add tremendous value to your resume as it is recognised by organisations across 80+ countries in the world.

I am running a school or I am a school principal. How does the school benefit from Skillioma’s courses?

We offer two main types of integrated learning methods for schools
1- Holistic learning (you get all 6 skills).
2- Individual skill mapped to the stream (CBSE / IGCSE / IB / State boards).

There are a plethora of benefits for the school and the students in both types of integrated learning methods:

    • The school can upgrade their current curriculum and be aligned to the NEP’s vision on holistic learning.
    • Schools can offer a skill subject as a co-curricular or extra curricular subject without the need for an expert teacher.
    • Skillioma is a plug and play solution for schools that builds ROI as the skill subjects are in high demand.
    • Schools can save teacher’s time and money.
    • Students will become all rounded, smart, independent learners, thinkers.
    • Students can learn English language communication alongside skill courses.
    • Students will gain general knowledge on relevant topics around the world.
    • Students will boost their personality as they will gain all intangible skills (Cognitive, Critical, Creative thinking, Problem Solving skills).
    • Students in high school can apply for international college admissions (US, UK, Canada, Australia etc.) by earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate at the completion of the course. This will add tremendous value to the college admission process.