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IKON Foundation Presents: Skillioma National Online Merit Scholarship Test 2023
Scholarships to top 2000 winners worth INR 2 crores plus

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IKON Foundation Presents: Skillioma National Online Merit Scholarship Test 2023
Scholarships to top 2000 winners worth INR 2 crores plus

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Learn real world global
skills and earn a highly valued certificate (USA) to reach
new opportunities

Get STEM.org (USA) certificate, recognised in 80+ countries.

We are your destination. Reach your goals faster.

Get Blockchain Certificate from STEM.org (highly valued, recognised in 80 countries)

Learn at your own pace - Skillioma

Learn at your own pace

4 months to complete, one year access

Earn highly valued certificate - Skillioma

STEM.org USA certificate

Highly valued and recognised

Build College / Job profile Skillioma

Assignments graded

Track your progress

Boost English language skills - Skillioma

Boost English Language Skills

Build vocabulary and fluency

Develop holistic mindset - Skillioma

Profitable Skills

Essential core skills

Get mentor support - Skillioma

Q & A support

Ask any doubts

Learning for everyone

Learning that
Build Creative, Cognitive, Critical thinking & Effective Communication quickly. Grow exponentially in your jobs. Climb up the career ladder fast and easy. Earn completion certificate from US organisation.

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Get new jobs/internships/co-ops fast and easy.  Build a college profile for foreign education (Master’s degree or higher). Become job-ready or startup ready. Stay ahead of your peers at all times. Earn  completion certificate from US organisation.

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Build college profile for foreign admissions (US, UK, Canada) (Grades 9-12). Add the highly valued STEM.org blockchain completion certificate to your college profile application. Earn internship or dream college admission faster.

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Stay updated on the content and implementation of NEP’s (National Education Policy) 2020 vision for holistic learning. Upgrade your school with essential skills pedagogy for 21st-century learning aligned to NEP. Students can earn highly recognised USA certificates.

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Advance your career growth with real-world future skills from Skillioma.

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How are we unique?

Our framework helps students learn fast and easy in the most practical way.

Skillioma Framework

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Founding Team


Deepa Thatikonda
Founder & CEO

Prior to finding Skillioma, Deepa has done her
Master’s education from the US and has held
leadership roles working for fortune 100 companies.
Her passion towards doing something purposeful led
her to conceive the idea of Skillioma. She believes
that through right education, the youngsters
can conquer the world.


Harish Thatikonda

Harish comes with more than two decades of
corporate experience in the US.
He led technical teams on diverse large
scale projects and believes in bringing
change through Education.

Take charge of your career. Complete the online courses in your own terms.

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Top FAQ’s

Why should I buy the course from you while there are so many other programs?

When you buy a course from any other platform, you will just get a bunch of information packaged. Whether it is Udemy on-demand courses or other individual courses. You watch a bunch of videos and get a completion certificate, but beyond that, there isn’t a proper understanding of concepts and real time practical application to it. That is why Skillioma has interdisciplinary learning which means if you take an entrepreneurship program with us, you will also learn basic finance, marketing and leadership skills. And most of all, every course has at least 25 critical thinking challenges which are reviewed, graded and the student is guided on weak areas. This will enable the learner to think critically and apply this knowledge to grow in their careers and build success. Multiple senses learning is another unique feature of Skillioma’s courses. The user can learn through reading and visuals or through videos. 

What is the difference between Skillioma’s reading program vs the Skill courses?

Skillioma’s reading program is subscription only and will have access to the entire content from all skill areas. The content keeps growing from 400+ articles and 2000+ vocabulary words. You will get a learning plan to create a plan of your own. You will learn new vocabulary and have access to all critical thinking questions that you can do on your own.

For Skill courses, you will get a Learning Management System(LMS) with the course content you signed up for and critical thinking assignments that will be graded by Skillioma’s expert mentors.You will be able to earn a STEM.org blockchain certificate based on the score and feedback. To learn more about STEM.org certificates, click here.

I am a working professional. How do Skillioma’s certificate courses help me?

In today’s world and age, the new norm is “Work From Anywhere.” This is only possible if you have the right skill set that the international clients are looking for. If you are tech savvy, you still need leadership skills and communication skills. And if you have the perfect combination of skills; then you are bound to grow in your pay/salary and career trajectory.

Skillioma’s framework is designed to reap maximum benefits in less time. And since Skillioma’s content is all about relevance in today’s perspective, building English language proficiency, and real-world learning with examples; you will be able to upskill and reach the top of your career ladder fast.

Earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate from a US based accreditation organisation at the completion of the course will add tremendous value to your resume as it is recognised by organisations across 80+ countries in the world.

I am a graduate or post graduate. How do Skillioma’s certificate courses help me?

When you are in the final years of college or about to graduate, the first thought that occurs to your mind is to get a good job or get an internship to gain experience. Today, 47% of fresh graduates are unemployed because of three reasons according to several reports: lack of real world skills, lack of communication skills, lack of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Skillioma’s courses are meticulously designed for you to upskill and level up. You will be learning the skills that the employers are looking for and also be strong at it so you are able to demonstrate your skills and be confident during interviews.

You will be able to get a freelancing job or an internship or be able to work from home for an international client. You will be able to tap that niche market where the employers are eager to hire people that have the leadership, communication skills and also problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate at the completion of the course will add tremendous value to your resume as it is recognised by leading institutions across 80+ countries in the world. Also, if you like to study further, you can apply for post graduate universities abroad and get higher chances of approval during the admission process.

How does Skillioma’s course help high school students build a college profile for foreign admissions?

Students who show an aptitude for leadership and entrepreneurship skills will be put on the top of the selection process. You can easily learn these skills with Skillioma as our courses are meticulously built for your practical understanding and critical thinking. The US/UK/Canada and other foreign universities value the demonstration of future skills more than the SAT, and ACT scores and hence you will be at a sure shot position to get admitted to your dream college.

STEM.org blockchain certificate, which is awarded to you after completion of the course successfully will double your chances of getting a good college admission and also earn credits. Your chances of getting an internship will be higher with the completion of the course and earning a STEM.org (USA) certificate.

To learn more about the college admission
process, you can follow the links below.




I am running a school or I am a school principal. How does the school benefit from Skillioma’s courses?

We offer two main types of integrated learning methods for schools
1- Holistic learning (you get all 6 skills).
2- Individual skill mapped to the stream (CBSE / IGCSE / IB / State boards).

There are a plethora of benefits for the school and the students in both types of integrated learning methods:

    • The school can upgrade their current curriculum and be aligned to the NEP’s vision on holistic learning.
    • Schools can offer a skill subject as a co-curricular or extra curricular subject without the need for an expert teacher.
    • Skillioma is a plug and play solution for schools that builds ROI as the skill subjects are in high demand.
    • Schools can save teacher’s time and money.
    • Students will become all rounded, smart, independent learners, thinkers.
    • Students can learn English language communication alongside skill courses.
    • Students will gain general knowledge on relevant topics around the world.
    • Students will boost their personality as they will gain all intangible skills (Cognitive, Critical, Creative thinking, Problem Solving skills).
    • Students in high school can apply for international college admissions (US, UK, Canada, Australia etc.) by earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate at the completion of the course. This will add tremendous value to the college admission process.

How do you differ from the internet content?

Skillioma takes immense care and pride in it’s content. The content is specially created in-house for that level of student as per their age / grade / profession. Skillioma has learning designed for all levels of learners (Basic to Advanced). All the content in Skilioma is meticulously created by in-house domain experts in that skill area based on the real world experiences, so you can reap the maximum benefit. The trustmark from STEM.org Reviewed endorses that quality of the curriculum / framework and the content.

You would not find this content directly from the internet (plagiarism free). Every lesson is full of real world scenarios, examples for easy, practical understanding. Every lesson comes with multiple senses learning, which means the student can learn through audio, video, text based learning. There is gamification included at the end of every lesson (Quizzes, Puzzle games).

How do you differ from other skill based courses?

There are several differentiating factors from other skill programs / courses for Skillioma. Because of its unique copyrighted framework and easy to understand authentic content; Skillioma can give you more benefits in less time and price.

Here are some big differences:

Powerful content and structure:
Other skill courses aren’t comprehensive for getting a conceptual understanding on any skill end to end. Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera: there are several options to choose from, but you may have to enroll in 3-4 courses to get the end to end understanding. With Skillioma, you will get all the learning in one course related to that subject. For example: You take an Entrepreneurship course- It will cover business, economics, marketing, finance, vocabulary, in necessary portions along with the skill learning, plus you boost your vocabulary and English language proficiency in one go.

Learning for your success:
Other courses are live or learn at your pace, or a combination of both. Skillioma offers “Learn at your pace” with mentorship support. Which means every lesson has an assignment that focuses on your soft skills and all those assignments are graded and feedback is provided by the expert mentors.

Powerhouse of knowledge:
All other courses are passive in nature. With Skillioma’s multiple senses learning framework, the absorption and retention levels are high. All other courses or workshops, you will sign up and attend the courses, but the information becomes volatile. With Skillioma, it is practical real world understanding and enhances your holistic perspectives. Skillioma also offers general knowledge and other skill content for free to learn even if you enroll in any one course with us. This will expand your horizons and brain power.

What is the difference between skill courses and subscription plans?

We offer skill courses in our LMS (Learning Management Systems) with a syllabus for you to get a stronghold on that skill subject you are opting for. All our courses come with a Q & A section, where the learners can write any doubt and our mentors will answer in the next 24 hours. All the assignments are graded by Skillioma’s team of mentors and provide feedback on improvement areas.You get one year access for the course and the time expected to spend is 5 hours per week .

All the courses come with a completion certificate from the most coveted STEM.org with a blockchain STEM ID. This certificate is highly valued and recognised in 80+ countries..

On the subscription plans, you will get access to the entire content and you can create your own learning plan. You will also be doing the assignments on your own and they will not be graded. This is useful for professionals or students that don’t have a set time to learn a new course or a skill; but want to enhance their skills in all aspects of the real world. This is also useful for those that don’t necessarily want or need a certificate of completion.

Although we have animated videos at the end of each lesson, we encourage our subscription based learners to go with reading based learning. Remember, all readers are leaders and all leaders are readers.

What is the typical length of each course?

The beginner level courses are at an average length of 20 hours of learning and 10 hours of assignments time.
The advanced level courses are at an average length of 35 hours of learning and 15 hours of assignments time.

If you do the course consistently, you will be able to complete it within 4-6 months. The access is given for one year, so you can pace yourself depending on your time availability.

How does earning a STEM.org blockchain certificate benefit my job / career / education?

For students: All the good colleges’ foreign college admission application process has the sections : Resume / CV and Extra curricular activities. Under these two categories, having a STEM.org blockchain certificate will enhance your chances of getting admission into a good college. (For example, if two students get the same SAT scores, then preference will be given to those that have enhanced their skills under extra curricular activities or some colleges prefer these skills for higher SAT scores or academic scores).

For college graduates or college students: In these times and age you are bound to go outside of your college academics to get a good job or internship or grow in your career. This is almost a MUST regardless of the career you choose. (You are probably majoring in chemical engineering, yet you need to have good communication and leadership skills and basic technology skills from a real world perspective). So, getting conceptual understanding and earning a highly recognised STEM.org blockchain certificate will put you at the top of the list to crack an interview, enhance your resume and help you get a job quickly and easily. Moreover, you will be attracted by international clients if you demonstrate good skills during interviews.

For working professionals: Simply put, since you are already working, the first reason you would like to enroll in any course is to enhance your skills and position in the corporate world. Skillioma’s courses and STEM.org blockchain certificate will help you do exactly that. The certificate will add value to attract international clients for freelancing jobs and also enhances your resume greatly.

How do you earn the STEM.org blockchain certificate?

At the end of every lesson in any course you take with us, you will have critical thinking challenge assignments that need to be submitted to Skillioma for review, grading and feedback. The completion certificate has to be earned and for that you have to attempt at least 90% of the assignments and secure a 70% score, after which you will be awarded the blockchain STEM.org certificate from them for Skillioma’s courses that you take. You will be awarded a STEM ID, which cannot be tampered and can be accessed by any organisation by just entering the ID into the credentialing verification system. This will add huge value to your success in job and career or higher education.

What is Skillioma and why the name Skillioma?

Skillioma is a plug and play solution to learn real world global skills, 21st century skills and earn a highly valued STEM.org certificate to reach new opportunities.

Why the name Skillioma?

Idioma in Spanish means language and since we are teaching life skills and English Language (reading fluency, communication) on the same platform, we have coined the name “Skillioma.” It simply means Skill+Idioma.

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