360° development of the students
for their better tomorrow​

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360° development of the students for their better tomorrow​

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Right Skills

About Skillioma

Skillioma provides a safe, digital content platform for students to learn 21st-century life skills they will surely need to enter the real world.

Our meticulously crafted content, tailored by grade level will create global awareness, reading fluency and build conscious intelligence for your child.

The 21st century is an era of self-management and building resilience. And we at Skillioma know our young generation is not prepared for it through academic learning.
Our uniquely built integrated set of features
empowers youth to become leaders of tomorrow

Communication Skills

Build reading fluency, improve vocabulary & comprehension skills

Career Skills

Mapping of interesting subjects to the real world job areas

General Knowledge

Learn about the world that really matters

Safe, Tailored Content

Customized content by grade level makes them independent learners

Financial Literacy

Learn about Finance and Entrepreneurship in a comprehensive manner

Integrated Framework

Enriches English language fluency and piques learning curiosity

Students are not cookie-cutter brains. We, as parents, educators, should help them expand their brainpower and identify their passions so that they become next-generation leaders.

Did You Know ?

2/3rd of the students will work in jobs that don’t exist today. What skills do they need?

76% of adults in India are financially illiterate

According to a study reading for 30 mins a day will improve memory and brain power by 66%

According to a study by Sussex university, reading reduces stress by 68%

Skillioma is committed and proud to join
the community of educators with our 3A formula.


Exposure to Essential Life Skill Learning

Easy to understand  information about real world matters, Improves reading fluency. Safe, appropriate and  original content. 


21st Century Skill Video Courses

Video courses on 21st century life skills, like Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship


Personalized Career Guidance

Assist children in choosing right career path based on their passion and interests.
Phone: +91 628-134-2577
(Mon-Sun: 9am – 11pm IST)
Email – info@Skillioma.com
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