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21st Century Skills

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Learning thathelps you grow independently,makes you confident,enriches comprehension skills,encourages free-thinking,makes you smart,boosts your personality,prepares you for the real world

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21st Century Skills

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Benefits of Skillioma

Skillioma All Assignments

All assignments graded

Skillioma Mentoring

Mentorship support

Skillioma Q&A

Q&A section Discussion boards

Skillioma Course Certificate

Course certificate

Skillioma Higher Studies

Aids in Higher studies

Skillioma Excel in career

Excel in career

Journey to success

Learning just a skill isn't enough

Skillioma's integrated framework of English Language Proficiency (ELP) along with 21st century skills builds a strong future for you.

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matter to you

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Skillioma’s content is

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Aligned to the real world situations

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Our 3A Formula


Holistic learning of
real word skills

Get exposed to the topics that matter to you. Learn from 8 diffrent skill areas.

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Multiple senses

Audios, Videos, Reading, infographics. Simple, easy to understand text.

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Develop your own
thinking skills

Apply the knowledge to solve real world problems through critical thinking challenges.

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Top FAQ's

What is Skillioma and why the name Skillioma?

Skillioma is a plug and play solution to learn real world global skills, 21st century skills and earn a highly valued STEM.org certificate to reach new opportunities.

Why the name Skillioma?

Idioma in Spanish means language and since we are teaching life skills and English Language (reading fluency, communication) on the same platform, we have coined the name “Skillioma.” It simply means Skill+Idioma.

How is skillioma different from internet content or other skill based learning?

All other courses or programs are one-time learning. The content is volatile and you will forget after the course or the workshop is completed. Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare etc or other workshops or live training, they all are made for temporary learning.

Skillioma on the other hand is fully unique in its content, which integrates both self paced independent learning and hand holding methods(as needed). This will instill lifelong learning, the kind of learning that stays with you to use it to improve your career prospects and boost your personality. This is possible with Skillioma because of its framework which has multiple senses learning models.

Why do you have to learn with Us?

In simple words, we teach you those skills that are essential for your success. Our framework is solid to improve your communication, critical thinking skills without having to spend extra time.

We promise perfect learning to build a perfect profile for your life and career.

Are these video courses?

Yes, all the courses are built in to build a solid foundation of 21st century skills; cognitive skills, critical thinking, independent thinking skills along with all the core courses. All courses are built with Multiple Senses Learning methods. We stand by our promise. We are committed to building a strong career for you.

All courses have the following features

    • Reading, Audio, Video, Visual Learning
    • Content fully geared towards real world skills with examples.
    • Critical thinking, Cognitive, Comprehension skills.
    • Healthy competition (leaderboards)
    • Tracking reports, pre & post assessments
    • All assignments graded on CCCM (Critical thinking, Cognitive Thinking, Creativity, Memory)
    • Q&A section and in-house mentor help.
    • Badges, awards, course completion certificate and many more.

What is the difference between certificate courses and reading program?

All programs and courses in Skillioma provide a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Reading program on the other hand is purely reading based learning which is independent learning. The user has access to all the skill areas content built in multiple senses learning. The user can learn from any of our 400+ articles and do 400+ critical thinking challenges on your own, from the content of all 21st century skill areas content.

What is the average duration of the courses?

The courses are pretty comprehensive. Every single course that we offer will prepare you fully in that skill area. If you are a consistent learner, each course should complete anywhere between 3-6 months.

I am a college graduate currently working. Do these courses improve my communication skills?

Absolutely!! All our skill based courses have reading fluency built into them. We also provide additional communication skills course if you want to learn the basics of English.

Why should I subscribe to Skillioma when there are many other content resources on the internet?

Skillioma is an all in one platform for building your career regardless of your level of learning. Skillioma’s framework exactly knows what you need to be happy and successful in your career and life. We build exactly those skills that are necessary in less time which customises your learning process. Our framework is proven and guarantees career success for you.

I don’t have a system. Do you offer a mobile app? Can I use it in a mobile browser?

Yes, we do have a mobile app through which you can learn at your own pace at any time. We offer customer support, mentor support for both the technical and content questions. However, we recommend a tablet or a laptop/desktop for a better learning experience.

How do we reach you?

Yes, you can contact us in different ways. We have a web chat option on our website where you can ask any questions during business hours and one of our representatives will respond immediately. Or you can write to us at contact@skillioma.com

Alternatively there is a Q&A section once you enroll in our course where you can ask any question at any time and one of our Skillioma’s mentors will answer.

What is the Interest Level on your website?

Interest Level is the recommended grade level from a title/article perspective. The recommendation is done based on the complexity level of the subject in general and not necessarily the reading level of a child. For example, if an article is slated for Grades 9-12+, our recommendation for the minimum grade level is 9, but that does not limit a child in Grade 8 to learn something higher. College+ level denotes that the topic is complex enough for them to grasp at that level.

I have trouble pausing and starting my audio. What should I do?

The audio can be easily paused and started again by using the space bar. When the audio is running and you would like to pause it, just hit the spacebar button. If you want to start from a different position in the article, move to the location, use the cursor to click on it and hit the spacebar again. It will start back again from the desired position.

Do you offer a completion certificate?

Yes we do for all our programs and courses. We don’t offer the certificate for our subscription plan.

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