Graduates or Post Graduates

Grow with Skillioma
Crack your job interviews

English versant or similar job interview tests – training and practice

(Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar)

Get (USA) certificate, recognised in 80+ countries

Grow with Skillioma
Crack your job interviews

English versant or similar job interview tests – training and practice

(Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar)


Get (USA) certificate, recognised in 80+ countries

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Learn at your own pace

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Boost English Language Skills

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How are we unique?

Our framework helps students learn fast and easy in the most practical way.

Learning that

Graduates or Postgraduates college studies will teach you the academic content that you are going to specialize in. If you are a chemical engineer or a philosophy major or a computer science major or if you do home sciences, any degree that you opt for will make you a master in that subject through your college education.

However, it is not the same when you come out to the real-world and start looking out for jobs and to gain experience.

The major issues with the traditional college learning according to several studies are:

Rote memorisation​

Inability to find
passion early on​

Lack of holistic

Lack of Higher Order
Thinking Skills​

Lack of Reading,
Writing, Speaking

Let’s understand this from some facts

  • According to the ILO, 53% of Indian businesses were unable to hire candidates due to a lack of future skills.
  • According to an ASSOCHAM report, only 20% of the five million fresh graduates every year get employed.
  • According to the world development report, 50% of the jobs are going to be automated. The only jobs that are secured are those that demand Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
  • Only 25% of students have a habit of reading. ‘Reading’ is now dying in India. Reading is the doorway to building cognition and language skills.

Why Skillioma

This is where programs/courses from Skillioma make a big difference for you. No matter your field of study, the area of work is different and you need to be prepared to win the career you dreamt of. If you couple your academic learning with Skillioma’s courses, you will only come closer to success and nothing else, as the courses are designed specially for you in a unique easy to learn/understand framework.

What do you get from Skillioma’s courses?

  • Spend less time and learn more (80-20 rule)
  • All skills are under one platform.
  • Assignments review and expert feedback.
  • Strengthen your interpersonal skills
  • Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • FREE Content repository for continuous learning
  • Land in high-paying jobs or internships
  • Earn (USA) blockchain certificate

Top Graduate FAQ’s

How does earning a blockchain certificate benefit my job / career?

In these times and age you are bound to go outside of your academics to get a good job or grow in your career. This is almost a MUST regardless of the career you choose. (You are probably majoring in chemical engineering, yet you need to have good communication and leadership skills and basic technology skills from a real world perspective). So, getting conceptual understanding and earning a highly recognised blockchain certificate will put you at the top of the list to crack an interview, enhance your resume and help you get a job quickly and easily. Moreover, you will be attracted by international clients if you demonstrate good skills during interviews.

I am a graduate or postgraduate. How do Skillioma’s certificate courses help me?

When you are in the final years of college or about to graduate, the first thought that occurs to your mind is to get a good job or get an internship to gain experience. Today, 47% of fresh graduates are unemployed because of three reasons according to several reports: lack of real world skills, lack of communication skills, lack of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Skillioma’s courses are meticulously designed for you to upskill and level up. You will be learning the skills that the employers are looking for and also be strong at it so you are able to demonstrate your skills and be confident during interviews.

You will be able to get a freelancing job or an internship or be able to work from home for an international client. You will be able to tap that niche market where the employers are eager to hire people that have leadership, and communication skills and also problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Earning a blockchain certificate at the completion of the course will add tremendous value to your resume as it is recognised by leading institutions across 80+ countries in the world. Also, if you like to study further, you can apply for postgraduate universities abroad and get higher chances of approval during the admission process.

What does it mean to earn accreditation and trustmarks for Skillioma?

Earning the accredited and reviewed trustmarks mean that the programs/courses given by Skillioma are thoroughly vetted for the accuracy, comprehensiveness, authenticity, reliability, quality, curriculum, framework, content for the 21st century skill learning. This endorsement also means that the founders are credible and are on a mission to serve the education space in a purposeful manner.

How do you differ from other skill based courses?

There are several differentiating factors from other skill programs / courses for Skillioma. Because of its unique copyrighted framework and easy to understand authentic content; Skillioma can give you more benefits in less time and price.

Here are some big differences:

Powerful content and structure:
Other skill courses aren’t comprehensive for getting a conceptual understanding on any skill end to end. Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera: there are several options to choose from, but you may have to enroll in 3-4 courses to get the end to end understanding. With Skillioma, you will get all the learning in one course related to that subject. For example: You take an Entrepreneurship course- It will cover business, economics, marketing, finance, vocabulary, in necessary portions along with the skill learning, plus you boost your vocabulary and English language proficiency in one go.

Learning for your success:
Other courses are live or learn at your pace, or a combination of both. Skillioma offers “Learn at your pace” with mentorship support. Which means every lesson has an assignment that focuses on your soft skills and all those assignments are graded and feedback is provided by the expert mentors.

Powerhouse of knowledge:
All other courses are passive in nature. With Skillioma’s multiple senses learning framework, the absorption and retention levels are high. All other courses or workshops, you will sign up and attend the courses, but the information becomes volatile. With Skillioma, it is practical real world understanding and enhances your holistic perspectives. Skillioma also offers general knowledge and other skill content for free to learn even if you enroll in any one course with us. This will expand your horizons and brain power.

What is the difference between skill courses and subscription plans?

We offer skill courses in our LMS (Learning Management Systems) with a syllabus for you to get a stronghold on that skill subject you are opting for. All our courses come with a Q & A section, where the learners can write any doubt and our mentors will answer in the next 24 hours. All the assignments are graded by Skillioma’s team of mentors and provide feedback on improvement areas.You get one year access for the course and the time expected to spend is 5 hours per week .

All the courses come with a completion certificate from the most coveted with a blockchain STEM ID. This certificate is highly valued and recognised in 80+ countries..

On the subscription plans, you will get access to the entire content and you can create your own learning plan. You will also be doing the assignments on your own and they will not be graded. This is useful for professionals or students that don’t have a set time to learn a new course or a skill; but want to enhance their skills in all aspects of the real world. This is also useful for those that don’t necessarily want or need a certificate of completion.

Although we have animated videos at the end of each lesson, we encourage our subscription based learners to go with reading based learning. Remember, all readers are leaders and all leaders are readers.

What is the typical length of each course?

The beginner level courses are at an average length of 20 hours of learning and 10 hours of assignments time.
The advanced level courses are at an average length of 35 hours of learning and 15 hours of assignments time.

If you do the course consistently, you will be able to complete it within 4-6 months. The access is given for one year, so you can pace yourself depending on your time availability.

How do you earn the blockchain certificate?

At the end of every lesson in any course you take with us, you will have critical thinking challenge assignments that need to be submitted to Skillioma for review, grading and feedback. The completion certificate has to be earned and for that you have to attempt at least 90% of the assignments and secure a 70% score, after which you will be awarded the blockchain certificate from them for Skillioma’s courses that you take. You will be awarded a STEM ID, which cannot be tampered and can be accessed by any organisation by just entering the ID into the credentialing verification system. This will add huge value to your success in job and career or higher education.

If you have any questions, we would love to help you Contact Us.