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High school students aspiring for higher education abroad will need to demonstrate competency in leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Today, SAT/ACT scores are optional and a strong college profile is important for admission into your dream college.

Skillioma has special ‘college profile building courses that are designed to ensure you have the best shot at getting into the college of your dreams.

Build College Profile and English language Proficiency

Why are these skills important?

When you apply for foreign colleges, they look for demonstration in Leadership & Entrepreneurship skills along with 21st-century skills like cognitive, critical thinking, problem-solving and holistic mindset. Skillioma provides the type of learning that helps you tremendously in both the learning process and boosting your college profile.

School education focuses on Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS), mostly related memorisation activities. Thinking outside the box requires a lot of holistic knowledge (including general knowledge) and is not accessible via traditional education.

All foreign colleges put skill competency over your SAT or GPA. So, learning these skills are a MUST to gain knowledge, understand your passion and get admission into good colleges.

High school can be a tough time for all students- you’re trying to study for exams while simultaneously focusing on your future college to pave the way for your career. Sometimes, you are interested in other things than school subjects, but you don’t know how to pursue or upskill in that area. And in order to achieve this, you need to spend hours of research on random internet content that may not be suited to you in the first place. To build a structure, navigate, learn and finally put it to the application is a tedious, daunting exercise, and this is where Skillioma will ease it for you.

Skillioma’s content is written specifically for your grasp levels so you can understand easily and develop independent learning skills. Nowhere else on the internet or in a workshop you will find comprehensive, easy-to-understand, authentic content and examples for the right, relevant learning.

You will be able to achieve admission into your dream college or be able to earn an internship so you can boost your career growth early on.

Get admission into your dream college

How are we unique?

By earning a blockchain certificate, you will increase the chances of getting admission to any foreign college (US, UK, Canada etc.) or getting an internship.

Founding Team

Deepa Thatikonda
Founder & CEO

Prior to finding Skillioma, Deepa has done her Master’s education from the US and has held leadership roles working for fortune 100 companies. Her passion towards doing something purposeful led her to conceive the idea of Skillioma. She believes that through right education, the youngsters can conquer the world.

Harish Thatikonda

Harish comes with more than two decades of corporate experience in the US. He led technical teams on diverse large scale projects and believes in bringing change through Education.

Top FAQ's

How does earning a blockchain certificate build a college profile and benefit my higher education?

All the good colleges’ foreign college admission application process has the sections : Resume / CV and Extra curricular activities. Under these two categories, having a blockchain certificate will enhance your chances of getting admission into a good college. (For example, if two students get the same SAT scores, then preference will be given to those that have enhanced their skills under extra curricular activities or some colleges prefer these skills for higher SAT scores or academic scores).

To learn further, read the following links:

I am a high school student. How do Skillioma’s certificate courses help me?

The 21st century kids need to be ahead in their planning on building their career or stream of learning. As a high school student, you need to be well-rounded and be multifaceted. Skillioma’s content is created just for your right dose of learning which will help you not only upskill but also get admissions into foreign universities for further studies. blockchain certificate, which is awarded to you after completion of the course successfully, you will build a college profile for admissions into foreign universities (US, UK, Canada etc.). You will be able to enhance your application under the extra curricular category and earn points for higher chances of admissions into good colleges. You will be also boosting your resume to earn an internship which in turn boosts your chances of admission into good colleges. To learn more on the college admission process, you can follow these links below.

What does it mean to earn accreditation and trustmarks for Skillioma?

Earning the accredited and reviewed trustmarks mean that the programs/courses given by Skillioma are thoroughly vetted for the accuracy, comprehensiveness, authenticity, reliability, quality, curriculum, framework, content for the 21st century skill learning. This endorsement also means that the founders are credible and are on a mission to serve the education space in a purposeful manner.

How do you differ from the internet content?

Skillioma takes immense care and pride in it’s content. The content is specially created in-house for that level of student as per their age / grade / profession. Skillioma has learning designed for all levels of learners (Basic to Advanced). All the content in Skilioma is meticulously created by in-house domain experts in that skill area based on the real world experiences, so you can reap the maximum benefit. The trustmark from Reviewed endorses that quality of the curriculum / framework and the content.

You would not find this content directly from the internet (plagiarism free). Every lesson is full of real world scenarios, examples for easy, practical understanding. Every lesson comes with multiple senses learning, which means the student can learn through audio, video, text based learning. There is gamification included at the end of every lesson (Quizzes, Puzzle games).

How do you earn the blockchain certificate?

At the end of every lesson in any course you take with us, you will have critical thinking challenge assignments that need to be submitted to Skillioma for review, grading and feedback. The completion certificate has to be earned and for that you have to attempt at least 90% of the assignments and secure a 70% score, after which you will be awarded the blockchain certificate from them for Skillioma’s courses that you take. You will be awarded a STEM ID, which cannot be tampered and can be accessed by any organisation by just entering the ID into the credentialing verification system. This will add huge value to your success in job and career or higher education.


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Location 1:
Plot no-72, 12, 2nd Floor,
Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
Location 2:
SLN Terminus 8th floor,
Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

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