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Parents today are having real struggles despite sending their children to highly paid schools. The child is coping well with academics but unable to cope well in the real world. This is due to lack of right resources and tools and having an education system that is not pertinent to today’s real world. That is why Skillioma is born.

Skillioma is India’s first Interdisciplinary platform for essential life skills.

We prepare you for the global world by imparting real world skills encapsulated in our ELP Framework.

With rapidly changing situations for jobs, remote working and the fact that we are moving from working from office to working from home to working from anywhere, now is the time for the young generation to become adept at life skills including effective and efficient communication skills in English.

Skillioma features

Financial Literacy
VAC (Visual Auditory & Cognitive) Learning
ELP ( English Language Proficiency )
General Awareness

We are all in one platform for skills beyond school. While our content helps in certain academic subjects(Business Studies, Economics, Global Perspectives, Enterprise), we are primarily focused on the skills that the children need beyond the school gates and to enter the real world.

Cognitive and Communication skills are the primary focus for today’s employers and with Skillioma you get both.

We are not just anybody on the internet. We focus on an interdisciplinary framework (as the real world is connected) and have an integrated set of features that will improve reading fluency, vocabulary, communication skills, general awareness, financial and career skills.

Skillioma’s content is broken down into easily understandable language and explanations. Skillioma’s content is like a simplified version of Wikipedia.

Because we handpick topics suitable by age/grade level, the navigation and the framework is created for you. Our customized content will direct you to the next important topic without you having to research or search for it.

SBS-ELP Framework:

Did you know?

The gap between education and employability is 47% in India? And with the digitisation and remote working growing at a rapid pace, our kids need to be global now more than ever.

Here are the top reasons why there is a huge gap

There is a certain set of skills that are necessary for anyone aspiring for a job or to become a boss regardless of age and profession. These are the skills that the 21st century world needs and these are the skills that Skillioma focuses on.

We build Conscious Intelligence for your child. The Intelligence that has clarity, pursuit and meaning to make them leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

Here is the extensive list of advantages you will get from subscribing to Skillioma. With a very affordable price (check out our plans here), you can help your child become successful in career and life.

Many benefits of using Skillioma

We have created a unique Skills Beyond School – English Language Proficiency (SBS-ELP) framework so passionately just for you!! 

Prepares you for the Global World through our diverse knowledge areas and life skills.

We do the homework for you. We handpick titles that are core skills and break down complex topics into easily understandable content and visuals (images), so the cognitive capacities are increased.

Our dictionary feature, power words and puzzle game will improve your vocabulary. Our  Read aloud audio feature will expose you to a new set of words and pronunciation in English.

Our Quizzes at the end of each article will enhance the comprehension skills.

Our platform is useful for school/college research, writing assignments. The wide range of subject knowledge and the citations that can be generated from our site will be useful for the writing assignments.

Our platform considerably reduces the time needed to be spent on research work for any projects.

Our Money and Entrepreneurship section will help you turn your passion into a meaningful venture.

Our General Knowledge section helps in cracking competitive exams while also being able to learn English communication, reading and writing skills.

Our platform helps in the preparation of ACT/SAT exams in the Reading/Writing assessment category. And our vocabulary will help for post graduate program admissions like TOEFL assessment.

IELTS, UPSC, IIM’s, Top MBA colleges, IIFT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, NMAT require English Proficiency tests and have at least 70% of weightage in the entrance tests. Our English Proficiency Framework will help excel in these exams.

Undergraduate entrance tests like  DU JAT, IPM AT, NPAT, SET  for BBA, BMS have test sections on both General Awareness and English Language Proficiency (ELP). Skillioma’s General Knowledge encased in the ELP framework will help you crack the entrance tests.

Our platform helps users in improving their career growth trajectory as it boosts the brain power, leadership and communication skills.

We can assure that you will gain considerable knowledge and skills with just 30 minutes a day of reading on our platform.

For students who opted for Humanities and Commerce streams (English Language Literacy, Business Studies, Economics, Enterprise, Global Perspectives, Leadership etc.) this will be a significant academic boost for them.

For students in Science streams that could not take advantage of some of these courses, this will serve as a great resource to create a successful career.

Check out all the benefits and features of Skillioma in one go below

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