How is Skillioma different from internet content or other skill based learning?

Skillioma’s uniqueness lies in its framework. The Framework is first in India that has the following features 

  • 21st century Life Skills taught in multi disciplinary platform integrated with English Language Proficiency (ELP)
  • English language learning framework coupled with online workshops, skill based content learning and practical assignments create strong analytical, cognitive thinking skills that aids in job selection, growth and promotions. (Annual Certificate Plan)
  • Meticulously handpicked topics that instill holistic education ( in sync with the New Education Policy- NEP guidance)
  • Authentic, well-rounded, safe and relevant content
  • Personalized learning creates Independent learning – Middle, High, College levels.
  • Helps crack English Versant Test in job interviews and competitive tests.

Why should I subscribe to Skillioma when there are many other content resources on the internet?

Skillioma is an all in one platform for children where parents can be worry free and hands free in terms of imparting holistic knowledge and skills beyond school. We realized that there isn’t one reliable resource or extra-curricular activity that can “do-it-all” for their student’s success. We do the hard work, research and think ahead for your child, craft content and provide resources so there is undeterred success for your child’s future.

Is Skilloma in sync with the academic course syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB etc)? Should my child study “entrepreneur skills” in school as well?

Our uniquely created framework maps more into the future skills that a child needs once he/she passes out of high school and when the child actually enters the real world. However, a few of the course subjects from across boards do match in terms of topics. For example, we have content for young entrepreneurs on practical advice on how to start an enterprise. Likewise, you will have syllabus that has topic on “what is an enterprise,” from your Entrepreneurship subject at school. This is an example of when and how we might overlap with school syllabus. Subjects in high school such as Business Studies, Enterprise, Global Perspectives and Economics, may have some synching with our content. But, please remember; the way we craft the content and explain is through examples, images, comparison charts, internal linking and not in presented in a text book style. 

Yes, if your child is opting for a subject Entrepreneurship as a course in school, he/she should continue. In any case, regardless if anyone is taking any of the subjects listed above or not, our content has tremendous value for all the students.

How can we believe that the content published is authentic, and how do you ensure its genuineness?

Entire content at Skillioma is meticulously crafted by our team of expert writers. Our writers are well qualified and perform thorough research before presenting any content on our website. We ensure all our content is safe, plagiarism free and tailored for grade level so the students are able to grasp the content without assistance from their parents.

Does Skillioma help our kids in academics?

As some of our topics will match to some academic subjects, there definitely is going to be a boost for every child in academics too. Our general knowledge section will also help a great deal in most competitive exams.  Further, Skillioma can be a powerful asset for children who are opting for the Math and Science stream in school. With Skillioma, these children can still learn vital 21st century skills which are not part of their subject group.

Why does my child need to learn these skills? Doesn’t he/she get enough from school and the internet?

Yes, in the present-day scenario there is information everywhere for our children. But are they able to learn what they want on the topics related to general knowledge, science or sports by distilling the information at their own discretion? And are parents feeling safe for their children to search about anything on the internet at any time? Moreover, the employability of our children is very less (despite their academic strength) once they graduate from college as they are lacking necessary life skills that are not taught in schools. Skillioma is our sincere effort to assist our children so they become independent.

How do our children get time to use this platform amidst busy school and tuition schedules?

Skillioma isn’t aimed at being yet another academic based, must-have, marks/grades-oriented Education tool. The intention is for each child to be exposed to the right knowledge at the right level so they can keep learning the right things. Our content isn’t timeline or deadline based; it is an additional resource which will help them in their career paths. Your children can login at anytime and immerse in the engaging content. There aren’t any assignments in our website/app. Reading improves brain power, boosts memory and concentration in children. So, just 30 minutes a day on our website will give good results.

What is your 3A formula or the three-phase model?

The three A’s are Absorb, Assimilate, Apply.

The first Phase is the Absorb phase where students are exposed to the right tools and knowledge areas in an easily understandable manner.

The second Phase is the Assimilate phase where students are offered Video Courses (tailored particularly for children) on ten life skills. (example: Problem-solving, Leadership) [coming soon]

The third Phase is our Apply phase where students are given individual mentorship or personalized guidance on which career path they should take [coming soon]

Is your platform beneficial for adults or college students too?

Yes, absolutely. Our platform’s unique framework teaches skills that will help everyone gain knowledge and do well in their jobs or for people that are on a break and would like to return to work. We have customized content for Grade level 12+ and our annual certificate plan is the best option to learn the skills in a blended learning.

Do I need to buy a separate subscription for each of my children?

No. You can just buy one subscription for all of your children unless you want them to use the website/app at the same time within the same household.

I don’t have a system. Do you offer a mobile app? Can I use it in a mobile browser?

Yes, we do have an Android mobile app launching very soon. Meanwhile, you can easily access our website on your mobile browser. Check out our help section on instructions to use our website/app in your desktop/laptop/mobile systems.

How do we reach you?

Yes, you can contact us in different ways. We have a webchat option on our website where you can ask any questions during business hours and one of our representatives will respond immediately. Or you can write to us at contact@skillioma.com

Why do you have to learn with us?

In simple words, we are unique and first in India as we are passionate about bringing the right, relevant education outside of academics.

We are all about bringing the best in you. This is only possible with our unique blended, multi disciplinary framework.No College or School curriculum ever has this exclusive framework which teaches life skills including communication skills.

Let’s look at it through a few examples:

  • You want to either get a job or grow in a job. You are lacking a skill or set of skills. You will join a workshop. The workshop is short, teaches you a few things in a couple of hours and it will provide a certificate. But, it does not provide you with the right tools and skills necessary for cracking the interview or helping with your career growth. This is overcome by Skillioma’s blended framework that offers content based learning, study plans, online workshops, assessment tests, personal mentor and many more in an organized way. To learn more, click here: annual certificate plan
  • If you learn a skill through a workshop, you will only learn that skill in a short period but it does not teach you communication skills. And just learning a skill alone does not help you crack an interview, grow in your career or get a college admission. With Skillioma’s unique framework each skill is wrapped in English language skill learning which lays a strong foundation for your bright future.

Is this a video course?

No, this is not a video course. But we have a combination of online workshops and content based learning.

We offer two types of plans- Certificate plans (3 months and 12 months) and Monthly plans. Please visit the page to learn more details about these plans.

What is the difference between certificate plans and Monthly plans

Certificate plan consists of a fully integrated learning process which includes content based learning, study plans, online workshops, personal mentor and a completion certificate.

Monthly plans are purely content based learning which is independent learning. The user can learn from any of our 400+ articles related to career skills, leadership skills, marketing and business skills,entrepreneurship skills. The user will also be having access to 2000+ vocabulary words and 900+ quiz questions.

How long should I spend on your website?

Our focus isn’t like academic curriculum. We have an engaging framework and we recommend 30 minutes a day or 2-3 hours a week minimum to reap a lot of benefits the platform offers.

Do you have video courses in the future?

Yes, we will be rolling video courses on 21st century life skills like Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Business and Leadership Skills, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. soon.

What is Interest Level?

Interest Level is the recommended grade level from a title/article perspective. The recommendation is done based on the complexity level of the subject in general and not necessarily the reading level of a child. For example, if an article is slated for Grades 9-12+, our recommendation for the minimum grade level is 9, but that does not limit a child in Grade 8 to learn something higher.

Are there levels in Money and Entrepreneurship section? What if it is too complex for my child?

Yes, there are two levels in the Money and Entrepreneurship section- one is basic and the other is advanced. In our website, the basic level is slated under Grades 6-7+ and the advanced level is slated under Grades 9-12+.

If a subject is complex in its nature, we will simplify it and put it under grades 6-7+. However, this is only a recommendation; if a person who is above this grade level does not know anything about the subject at hand, they can search on the grade level 6-7+ and learn the basics before moving on. The intention for the levels in this category is to help build knowledge for a child at any level.

Please note that for the launch we are trying to build the foundation on the concepts that we feel are necessary for a child in the real world. Be assured that this is just a start and we will be giving you a lot of actionable steps and case studies that will be connecting subjects like Enterprise, Business Studies, Economics and Marketing in the near future.

We appreciate any suggestions on new concepts you would like to know or any tips on improving the presentation style. Please write to us at feedback@skillioma.com

I have trouble pausing and starting my audio. What should I do?

The audio can be easily paused and started again by using the space bar. When the audio is running and you would like to pause it, just hit the space bar button. If you want to start from a different position in the article, move to the location, use the cursor to click on it and hit the space bar again. It will start back again from the desired position.

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