In today’s ever-changing world, grades and ranks just don’t make the cut. They are no longer the deciding factors of a child’s future career. But what is?

These are the questions we asked ourselves as we saw our daughters go to school. And we realized that there are a lot of interdisciplinary dots that need to be connected for our children. Connecting those dots for them in every subject and every day was inundating in our busy schedules.

We knew that the real world was much more complicated than filling in the correct bubbles on a test paper and achieving an A-plus.

To succeed in the real world, a child needs to be globally aware, have good communication skills, be able to identify their passion early on, and know how to apply their knowledge. And schools couldn’t cover all of that. Neither could the plethora of information available on the internet.

Distilling the overflow of information that they found was a tedious and unsafe task, and they couldn’t figure out what was real and what was fake. Thus, Skillioma was born.

Skillioma was created to provide a safe, digital content platform for students to learn vital 21st-century life skills. We at Skillioma are a team of passionate workers who aim to hone children to become the epitome of success through our curated content. We want them to be able to take what they’ve learned in school and use it to thrive in the pressing environment that is the real world. After all, today’s children are the future of tomorrow.

Our Mission and Vision

Skillioma’s mission is to create a wealth of knowledge, improve reading fluency, and to impart life skills for school age children through our safe, digital content platform.

At Skillioma, our vision is to create a community of lifelong learners. To enable children maximize their potential and grow in their life and career.

Our Core Values

Our Founding Team

Deepa Thatikonda
Founder & CEO

Prior to finding Skillioma, Deepa has done her Master’s education from the US and
has held leadership roles working for fortune 100 companies. Her passion towards doing something purposeful led her to conceive the idea of Skillioma. She believes that through right education, the
youngsters can conquer the world.

Harish Thatikonda
Harish comes with more than two decades of corporate experience in the US. He led technical teams on diverse large scale projects and believes in bringing change through Education.

Our Advisors

Mohana Vamsi

Executive Secretary @ TRSMA ( Telangana Recognised Schools Management Association ).

Founder Director @ Racing Ahead Technologies Pvt Ltd & Racing Ahead Sports Management LLP.

Mohana Vamsi is an enterprising professional with over 3 decades of Corporate working experience. 12+ Yrs in Education Management & Services, 18 Yrs in IT & Embedded Systems.