India’s only Interdisciplinary platform to develop real world skills

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Become an all-round expert with our content based learning using the VAC (Visual Auditory Cognitive) method.

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India’s only Interdisciplinary platform to develop real world skills

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Become an all-round expert with our content based learning using the VAC (Visual Auditory Cognitive) method.

Current Events | Career | Entrepreneurship


FREE access to all Premium Content during the trial period

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Why Choose US?

We are “Skills Beyond School” in an interdisciplinary platform.

We prepare you for the Global world through our diverse content in areas of general awareness (current events), career, finance, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, conscious intelligence, social and emotional intelligence. We build English Language Literacy (ELL) through our English Language Proficiency Framework (ELPF).

We do the homework and the hard work for you. We handpick titles that are necessary to build the cognitive core skills for you and break down complex concepts into easily understandable content using our VAC method.
The 21st century is an era of self-management and building resilience. And we at Skillioma know our young generation is not prepared for it through academic learning.
Skillioma’s General Awareness and ELP Framework will help in undergraduate entrance tests like DU JAT, IPM AT, NPAT, SET for BBA, BMS admissions that test on business, general awareness, language skills, verbal ability, language comprehension, reading comprehension, writing skills

Did You Know ?

2/3rd of the students will work in jobs that don’t exist today. What skills do they need?

47% graduates in India are not employable. Their lack of English Language knowledge and cognitive skills were identified as the major obstacles.

According to a study reading for 30 mins a day will improve memory and brain power by 66%

76% of adults in India are not financially aware.

According to a study by Sussex university, reading reduces stress by 68%

73% of employers look for communication and cognitive skills in candidates that can demonstrate strong verbal, written and problem-solving skills.

Skillioma is a great academic boost for students that have opted for Humanities and Commerce streams (English Language Literacy, Business Studies, Economics, Enterprise, Global Perspectives, Leadership etc.)
Students are not cookie-cutter brains. We, as parents, educators, should help them expand their brainpower and identify their passions so that they become next-generation leaders.
Our platform helps in the preparation of ACT/SAT exams on the Reading/Writing assessment category. And our vocabulary will help for post graduate program admissions like TOEFL assessment
Our uniquely built integrated set of features
empowers youth to become leaders of tomorrow

Communication Skills

Build reading fluency, improve vocabulary & comprehension skills

Tailored Content

Authentic crafted content tailored by level of interest (customized content by interest level makes them independent learners)

General Awareness

Learn about the world that really matters

Career Skills

Mapping of interesting subjects to the real world job areas

Financial Literacy

Learn about Finance and Entrepreneurship in a comprehensive manner

Integrated Framework

Skills Beyond School (SBS), English Language Proficiency Framework (ELPF), Visual Auditory Cognitive (VAC) method, Internal linking in a structured way.

IIMs, Top MBA colleges, IIFT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, NMAT test for verbal ability, language skills, writing skills, group discussions, debates, business and general awareness. The language tests have at least 70% of weightage. Our integrated framework will help in cracking these entrance tests
Skillioma is committed and proud to join
the community of educators with our 3A formula.


Exposure to Essential Life Skill Learning

Easy to understand  information about real world matters, Improves reading fluency. Safe, appropriate and  original content.

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21st Century Skill Video Courses

Video courses on 21st century life skills, like Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship

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Personalized Career Guidance

Assist children in choosing right career path based on their passion and interests.

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Top FAQ's

How is Skillioma different from internet content or other skill based learning?

Skillioma’s uniqueness lies in its framework. The Framework is first in India that has the following features 

  • 21st century Life Skills taught in multi disciplinary platform integrated with English Language Proficiency (ELP)
  • English language learning framework coupled with online workshops, skill based content learning and practical assignments create strong analytical, cognitive thinking skills that aids in job selection, growth and promotions. (Annual Certificate Plan)
  • Meticulously handpicked topics that instill holistic education ( in sync with the New Education Policy- NEP guidance)
  • Authentic, well-rounded, safe and relevant content
  • Personalized learning creates Independent learning – Middle, High, College levels.
  • Helps crack English Versant Test in job interviews and competitive tests.

Why do you have to learn with us?

In simple words, we are unique and first in India as we are passionate about bringing the right, relevant education outside of academics.

We are all about bringing the best in you. This is only possible with our unique blended, multi disciplinary framework.No College or School curriculum ever has this exclusive framework which teaches life skills including communication skills.

Let’s look at it through a few examples:

  • You want to either get a job or grow in a job. You are lacking a skill or set of skills. You will join a workshop. The workshop is short, teaches you a few things in a couple of hours and it will provide a certificate. But, it does not provide you with the right tools and skills necessary for cracking the interview or helping with your career growth. This is overcome by Skillioma’s blended framework that offers content based learning, study plans, online workshops, assessment tests, personal mentor and many more in an organized way. To learn more, click here: annual certificate plan
  • If you learn a skill through a workshop, you will only learn that skill in a short period but it does not teach you communication skills. And just learning a skill alone does not help you crack an interview, grow in your career or get a college admission. With Skillioma’s unique framework each skill is wrapped in English language skill learning which lays a strong foundation for your bright future.

Is this a video course?

No, this is not a video course. But we have a combination of online workshops and content based learning.

We offer two types of plans- Certificate plans (3 months and 12 months) and Monthly plans. Please visit the page to learn more details about these plans.

What is the difference between certificate plans and Monthly plans

Certificate plan consists of a fully integrated learning process which includes content based learning, study plans, online workshops, personal mentor and a completion certificate.

Monthly plans are purely content based learning which is independent learning. The user can learn from any of our 400+ articles related to career skills, leadership skills, marketing and business skills,entrepreneurship skills. The user will also be having access to 2000+ vocabulary words and 900+ quiz questions.

How long should I spend on your website?

Our focus isn’t like academic curriculum. We have an engaging framework and we recommend 30 minutes a day or 2-3 hours a week minimum to reap a lot of benefits the platform offers.

Do you have video courses in the future?

Yes, we will be rolling video courses on 21st century life skills like Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Business and Leadership Skills, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. soon.

Do you offer a completion certificate?

Yes we do!! For a 3 month and a 12 month program with us.

I am a working professional, does this program improves my communication skills?

Absolutely. Annual certificate plan is exclusively designed for those people that are otherwise technically strong and losing their career growth due to lack of communication skills. This is an integrated wholesome framework, proven, tried and tested, rigorous plan that will enhance your communication skills along with all other skills drastically if you follow the study plan, assignments diligently.

This plan is extremely beneficial for everyone including college students that are trying for internships or fresher jobs as they will have a great head start to their career.

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